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About us

Our mission

Feel comfortable and embrace your true self in a professional and private life, wearing Manyara designs. Women and their needs are Manyara`s universe. Manyara offers a style that makes you look feminine and elegant right when you need it. Manyara`s simple, classic cut and high quality fabrics provide you with outfits that can stay in your wardrobe for years.



Hi! My name is Katarzyna Konieczniak, creator of Manyara. I started my career in one of the nowadays biggest online fashion stores in London. I always had a flare for fashion although I did not develop my professional path strictly in this direction. As you may know life is full of surprises 😊 and 15 years later I offer you collection of dresses and skirts that I hope will fulfill your need for effortless and elegant look. I love travelling, especially mountain trips. The name Manyara comes from Shona language and means `you have been humbled`. I firstly came across it during a trip to Tanzania, where after reaching the top of Kilimanjaro with my sister, I decided to make Manyara a reality. Manyara is also a name which describes a confident, independent, energetic and happy go lucky character, who likes to be in the driving seat where her life is concerned. Sounds like you? I would love for Manyara to become a platform for women sharing similar values and lifestyles. Please feel free to join us!


Manyara supports sustainable solutions across the production chain, carefully choosing business partners. All our designs and fabrics are produced in Europe, by organizations with ethical approach towards employees and planet. All our packaging is eco-friendly.